The mission of the sports medicine program is the same as that of the National Athletic Trainer?s Association, "to enhance the quality of health care for our student-athletes, and to advance the profession of athletic training through education and research in the prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries. The sports medicine team is responsible for the health and welfare of the student-athlete on campus. Athlete has been defined as any person participating in a university sponsored intercollegiate athletic activity. The sports medicine team shall be responsible for managing the complete health needs of the intercollegiate student"

The professional staff of Mercyhurst North East Sports Medicine has the responsibility over all items affecting the health and safety of student athletes. This includes, but is not limited to, participation, conditioning, protective equipment/devices, nutritional concerns, safety of playing fields and facilities, and any other matter that would affect the health or safety of the student-athlete. Mercyhurst North East Sports Medicine is comprised of two full time Certified Athletic Trainers and one team physician. These medical professionals work with approximately 140 athletes and 9 teams throughout each school year. All Certified Athletic Trainers are state licensed and regulated allied health care workers who practice the arts of Athletic Training at the highest professional standards.



   William Good, AT, ATC

William is the Assistant athletic trainer for the Saints. This is William’s first year at Mercyhurst North East. He graduated from Mercyhurst University in May 2017 with a B.S. in athletic training and a minor in exercise science. William previously held the position of graduate assistant for the athletic department but was promoted at the beginning of 2018.


William is currently pursuing a master’s degree in organizational leadership with a concentration in sports leadership at Mercyhurst University.


 Courtney Brinker, AT, ATC

Courntney Brinker is the graduate assistant for the Saints athletic training department. Brinker graduated from MNE in 2014, as a 2-year standout for the women's soccer team. She then continued on to Mercyhurst University, graduating in 2016. After graduation she accepted a position as an Athletic Trainer for Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL working with the mens and women's indoor/outdoor track and women's volleyball.

Courtney is pursuing her M.S. in Organizational Leadership focusing on Sport Organizations from Mercyhurst University.



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